Bathroom Remodel – Installing A New Alcove Bathtub

When the time comes to remodel the living area of your home and replace the outdated tub, one of the most popular upgrades is installing a new tub in Nevada. There are many types of corner bathtubs available on the market today and the type that you decide on depends on your personal preference. You can purchase a corner tub that has the look and feel of a traditional soaking tub but provides all the luxury of a luxury Jacuzzi tub without the size limitations. You can even install a corner tub over the tub or in a corner if you don’t have enough room for both types. With so many styles and options available today, you are sure to find the perfect tub for your unique home. All it takes is a little bit of research and the time to get it installed by a qualified Las Vegas bathroom remodeling contractor.

When planning for tub installation in Nevada, you will first need to contact a plumber to discuss the plumbing needs of your unique bathroom. Your plumbing contractor should be able to supply you with accurate measurements and cost estimates for both the bathtub and plumbing line to be installed. The tub installation crew will then prepare the area for installation including draining the standing water first, laying down the pipe work and installing the plumbing fittings. Once the work is completed, your tub is ready for use

Once the plumbing is complete and the plumbing system is installed, your tub is ready for use. If you already have an existing tub on the wall, your contractor can cut the existing pipe behind the wall and replace it with a new, long length pipe. If you don’t have an existing tub on the wall, simply cut the pipe vertically about four inches from the top and re-attach the top to the wall. The new length of plumbing will be installed in the same manner as the old tub was. Once the plumbing and pipe are installed, your bathtub is ready for use.

If you are installing a new tub deck without an existing tub on the wall, you must prepare the area for installation by cleaning and caulking all cracks, seams, and joints. The next step involves leveling the area. The contractor will usually grade the area so that when installing the frame, he can simply nail the frame to the walls. It is important that the grade is level so that the frame is properly set into the ground.

After the bathroom remodel is finished, your contractor will want to cover up any areas that may show signs of mold. By sealing off the area, mold will not show through the new finish and you will not have to worry about getting sick. The bathtub will be installed securely with the help of posts, beams, and braces. The posts are actually cemented into the ground so that there is no gap between the posts. The bracing prevents the tub from rocking due to ground movement.

To begin your new alcove bathtub installation, you will need to excavate around the perimeter of the new room. The depth will depend on how deep you want the bathtub to be. A standard depth is four feet, but you can use whatever depth works for you. After the dirt has been removed, the next step is to install the frame, including bracing and footers. You should secure all the framing, securing it to the wall with stainless steel screws. If you do not want to put a finish on the tub, you may choose to use unfinished wood.